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Material introduction of sink drain

Posted by Admin | 28 Mar
Material of sink drain
1. Plastic drain: This kind of drain is usually made of high-quality PP plastic, which can be bent at will, has good toughness, is almost free from space constraints, and is cheap.
2. Stainless steel drain: stainless steel has the appearance. In fact, most of these drain pipes are made of stainless steel and ABS engineering plastics. They have strong corrosion resistance, not easy to age, easy to install, fastened and durable, long service life, etc., and the price is Slightly more expensive than plastic basin drains.
3. Straight drain: The straight drain is designed and manufactured in a "one" shape, and the surface is mostly corrugated, so that it can be bent at will, reducing space constraints.
4. S-shaped drain: This basin drain is commonly known as a deodorant drain, with a more beautiful shape and a water ripple design on the surface. Compared with the straight drain, the S-shaped drain can be ignored in flexibility.