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How to choose a bathroom floor drain?

Posted by Admin | 28 Mar
1. When choosing a bathroom floor drain, the first thing to consider is the size. Under normal circumstances, the surface size standard is 100*100mm. In addition, you must also know the inner diameter of the buried water pipe and the size of the part of the water pipe under the floor drain.
2. Then it is important to look at the airtightness of floor drains. Floor drains are divided into two types according to the sealing method, one is water seal and the other is self-sealing. The water-sealed floor drain has a simple structure, but if the water-seal height is too low and the use time is long, the deodorizing effect will not be very good, and self-sealing will not have this problem. Its mechanism is complicated and the foreign matter in the drain pipe will not flow. Come out, and the quality is also very good, I suggest you choose self-sealed floor drain, water-sealed floor drain can choose double function.
3. The quality of the floor drain can also be seen through the shape of the floor drain. Generally, the quality of the floor drain without burrs or gaps and a flat shell is better. If the floor drain has an uneven appearance, it is recommended that you do not buy it to avoid clogging.