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Types and characteristics of floor drains

Posted by Admin | 14 Jul
1. Magnetic levitation floor drain: The magnetic levitation floor drain mentioned in the slogan of various floor drains is essentially based on the principle of elastic closure, using magnetic levitation technology to replace the elastic force of the spring to solve the problem that the spring elastic force changes with time.
A bit: good sealing performance and long duration.
Cons: High price.
2. Spring-type/press-type spring floor drain: This kind of floor drain installs a spring in the inner core. When there is no water or less water, the spring bounces up and the sealing ring is lifted to close the sewer channel. The water in the floor drain reaches a certain level. Through the action of gravity, the spring is pressed down by the water, and the sealing ring is opened to realize drainage.
spring floor drain
Advantages: The effect of deodorization and insect prevention is better.
Disadvantages: The sealing performance will deteriorate after long-term use, the elasticity will also change, and it needs to be replaced every few years.
3. Gravity type floor drain: rely on gravity to seal the leak with the cover sheet. When there is water passing through, the leak is opened by the water, and closed when there is no water.
Advantages: simple structure, easy maintenance and replacement
Disadvantages: The airtightness is easily destroyed
4. Magnet-type floor drain: built-in magnets, which fit each other when there is no water. When the water pressure is greater than the magnet suction, drainage can be achieved.
Advantages: It is also effective in deodorizing and preventing insects, and it is cost-effective.
Disadvantages: Some iron impurities are easily adsorbed on the magnet, and long-term use will cause the closed loop to fail to close, and it will not play a role in deodorization.
5. Water-sealed floor drain: Water-sealed floor drain
It is divided into shallow water seal and deep water seal, and N-shaped tube or U-shaped tube is used to store water inside to prevent insects and odors.
Advantages: simple structure and low cost.
Disadvantages: If the stored water is not used for a long time and evaporated to dryness, the effect of deodorization and insect prevention will be lost.