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How to Install a Floor Drain Pop-Up

Posted by Admin | 17 Mar
Oftentimes, a pop-up drain stopper is installed in a bathroom sink that raises and lowers when you push or pull on a knob that is just behind the faucet body. The head of the lift rod is fastened to a flat, slotted bar called a “clevis” and slopes uphill to a tailpiece that connects to the stopper.
The clevis and the pivot rod attach to a spring clip that runs on the horizontal pivot rod. The clip should have a screw that connects the top of the clip to one side of the pivot rod and the bottom of the clip to the other side of the pivot rod.
If the rod connection does not tighten into the pivot bar, replace it with a new piece. Check the motion of the pivot rod to ensure that the cork moves up and down freely inside the drain outlet.
How to Fix a Slow Draining Sink:A common reason that a drain stopper in a kitchen sink stops working is that the pivot rod that connects the stopper to the basin has rusted or slipped out of the stopper. It is important to repair this so that the basin drains properly again.
How to Install a Floor Drain Pop-Up.A floor drain pop-up is an emitter that uses hydrostatic pressure to open the lid of the drain and release captured water away from a home or business. The lid keeps small animals and debris out of the drainage system while allowing captured water to flow through the pipe to the desired location.