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Roof stainless steel rain gutters

Posted by Admin | 01 Jan
Install rain gutters, rain buckets, and rain pipes at the eaves to form an organized drainage. It can completely solve the problem that rainwater has been washing the wall. The finished stainless steel gutter sink is manufactured in a generous style, which can not only ensure that the system does not leak, but also the drainage of the building will be smoother. The inner wall of the stainless steel gutter sink is a double-wall layout with small arc edges, which can make dirt accumulate and facilitate cleaning. At the same time, it is equipped with solid components, which also makes the downpipe look generous, and is also firmly attached to any external wall facade.
The eaves gutter is a household item that is more dynamic after the heavy rain in summer. The height of the eaves is a factor that determines the installation of the gutter. To install the drainage tank, the standpipe must be installed. The position of the lower socket of the standpipe must be well grasped. The height of the opening needs to be measured well, and there is no deviation before installation.
Eaves gutter installation steps:
1. Level the installation position of the rain gutter, and use ink to spring the line from the beginning to the end.
2. Take out the rain gutter from the packaging bag, place the rain gutter stably on the ground or on the scaffold, and install the rain bucket horizontally under the rain gutter, and use a cutting machine to cut a hole the same size as the rain bucket outlet.
3. Slowly insert the rainwater bucket into the rainwater tank to the water discharge position.
4. Install the hanger on the rain gutter; insert in order and master the spacing, the distance between two adjacent hangers is 40-50CM;
5. Use an electric drill (No. 6 drill bit) to make holes at the position of the elastic wire at a distance of 40-50 cm, and knock into the expansion tube.
6. Place the rain gutter at the position where the line has been snapped, adjust the distance between the "hanger", and then use the corresponding stainless steel screws to fix the hanger and the rain gutter on the cornice.
7. When encountering the corner of the rain gutter, you need to use a "card connector" to connect the "male corner" and "yin corner", and the connection between the rain gutter and the rain gutter also needs to be connected with a "clip connector".