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The Feature of Stainless Steel Rain Gutter Downspout Nozzle

Posted by Admin | 07 Jan
The present invention relates to a spring gutter strainer.  This device is designed to prevent the buildup of leaves and debris in downspouts, pipes, and elbows.  It comprises a single coil of thick wire with a bulbous head and a flexible neck.
A downspout strainer is often used to prevent clogging of downspouts and elbows, especially when using underground drainage systems.  In addition, it helps to keep rainwater from flooding walls or damaging siding.
Spring gutter strainers come in various shapes and sizes.  For example, a head diameter of at least one inch larger than the neck diameter is recommended.  However, other shapes may also be appropriate.
A downspout strainer's head diameter is determined by the diameter of the neck.  Larger heads help to trap more debris, while smaller heads do not.  The preferred head diameter is three and a half inches.  Depending on the type of debris, the tightness of the wire may need to be modified.
The height of a spring gutter strainer is determined by the head diameter and the neck diameter.  The higher the head and neck diameters, the higher the spring gutter strainer will rise above the top of the downspout.  Head diameters of more than four or five inches may be less aesthetically pleasing.
An additional factor to consider is the flexibility of the gutter strainer.  If the neck of the strainer is too tight, it may not be able to withstand the weight of the spring gutter strainer.  Alternatively, a stiffer strainer may be desirable in certain applications.